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We now live in a global, idea economy. And who will the winners be in this new economy? In his excellent book “The Global Achievement Gap,” author Tony Wagner flags seven crucial skills to look for:

– Critical thinking and problem solving
– Collaboration across networks and leading by influence
– Agility and adaptability
– Initiative and entrepreneurship
– Effective oral and written communication
– Accessing and analyzing information
– Curiosity and imagination

Plugging those into our mission here at on-Q is a challenge we are prepared for. Offering website solutions that can activate these skills in our clients organizations and businesses. Don’t miss out on your piece of the new global economy.
Building a website solution and blending technologies together to drive small to medium size business forward into the new economy is what we do. Be a part of that revolution!    Start Here – Online Application

Earn up to 30% on all website solutions – Plus 10% recurring residual on Hosting and Virtual Services*

Earn up to 30% on Approved Custom Website designs up to the highest current program level, plus 10% on all add-ons! – 10% recurring residual on Hosting and Virtual Services*

Directly into your PayPal account, 15th of the month following client payment

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Plus – you may qualify for our Website -Coordinator and Trainer/Coach program and earn even more.


  • Business Cards (please make sure all business card have “Independent Sales Associate” or Independent Design Coordinator”. All changes to design must be pre-approved by onqsites!)
  • Brochures (Any changes to brochures must be approved by onqsites!)

*To qualify for residual income paid on recurring monthly hosting maintenance fees you must be active. Minimum activity is one new Client and product sale every 60 days. Commissions due on any Website development that is financed will be paid as collected. Broker-IDX recurring/residual earnings are  based on basic $39.97 per month hosting account – per site no matter the multi-user add-ons. Recurring  Commissions paid on Virtual Office products do not include additional plan minute charges, or add on charges for long distance minutes and fees (paid on the basic plan-only).